Community Service Worker

Program Accreditation: Diploma

Program Duration: 1040 Total Hrs: Theory 840 Hrs; Internship (Co-op Work Experience) 200 Hrs.

Program Overview
The Community Service Worker Diploma Program is designed for individuals seeking the knowledge
and skills to enter the field of social services and draws upon the principles of sociology, psychology, andother social sciences to counsel and assist individuals and their families in understanding and resolvingtheir personal and social problems.

Admission Requirement
An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent**; or
be at least 18 years of age or older and pass an entry test

Career Opportunity
Graduates of our Community Service Worker Diploma Program can expect to be eligible for a position
as a counsellor in a variety of settings in the social work field, including mental health and domestic
violence, youth facilities, halfway houses, correctional facilities, and drop-in centre as well as a wide rangeof group homes appropriate to social service practice and counselling centres that serve diverse clientpopulations.

Course Description
Introduction to Community Service Work
Essential Skills
Microsoft Windows
Inclusive Communication Skills
Employment Achievement Strategies
Basic Business Communications
Harm Reduction and Crisis Intervention
Introduction to Sociology
Mental Health & Addictions
Professional Documentation & Case Management
Behaviour Modification

This Course will provide the students 200 hours’ practical experience in the real-world business. This course has 3 objectives: 1) Demonstration of student’s professionalism reflected by attendance,
reliability, self-awareness, respect, and commitment to client centered service. 2) Opportunity for studentto gain experience in supportive counseling, resource referral and interpersonal skills required in a workenvironment. 3) Understanding the importance of proper documentation of professional work.

Career Services plays a major role in shaping the learning experience. From the first day, to well after graduation, Career Services is constantly working to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, and assistance. As a school with a diverse student body, our goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the employment world, while understanding Canadian workplace cultures and professional behaviours.

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  • Alyssa, Developmental Service Worker

    Alyssa, Evergreen College Graduate from the Developmental Service Diploma Program visited the campus to connect with the class and share her experience in correlation of the class room skills transferring to the work place. She is currently working part time in the field within a daycare setting for the public school board and it resulted from some of the tips taught in class ie, search for your own placement based on your passion, techniques of handling various clientele etc What is your favorite aspect about studying at Evergreen College?
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