Academic Preparation Course

Program Accreditation: Certificate

Program Duration: 20 Hour per week

Program Overview
The Evergreen College Academic Preparation Course (APC) aims to develop essential skills that are invaluable for students. The program prepares students academically by laying the foundation for their enrolment in a diploma program. The curriculum supports the learning needs of intermediate-level students of English, and teaches the importance of advanced speaking, listening, reading and writing. This enables learners to prepare themselves for the pursuit of their academic goals.

The program instructs students on the skills necessary for academic enrolment. Scholarly writing, proper grammar structure, exposure to North American business norms, and colloquial and informal conversation will all be highlighted and taught. Students will participate actively in a learning environment designed for instant feedback and constant improvement.

Graduation Requirements
• Students must achieve an attendance standard of 85%.
• Submission of weekly assignments.
• Achieving a passing grade of 315 or more on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (BST).

Course Outline
The course consists of four weeks. Throughout the duration of the program, each student will have the opportunity to take part in Student Services’ workshops. These incredibly informative and helpful sessions aim to prepare students for enrolment in a diploma program with Evergreen College.

Weekly Themes Include
• Professionalism and office culture.
• Cover letter and resume writing.
• Interview preparation.
• Job search strategies.

Career Service
Career Services plays a major role in shaping the learning experience. From the first day, to well after graduation, Career Services is constantly working to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, and assistance. As a school with a diverse student body, our goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the employment world, while understanding Canadian workplace cultures and professional behaviours.

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  • Alyssa, Developmental Service Worker

    Alyssa, Evergreen College Graduate from the Developmental Service Diploma Program visited the campus to connect with the class and share her experience in correlation of the class room skills transferring to the work place. She is currently working part time in the field within a daycare setting for the public school board and it resulted from some of the tips taught in class ie, search for your own placement based on your passion, techniques of handling various clientele etc What is your favorite aspect about studying at Evergreen College?
    “My favorite aspect is how the teacher helps me with anything I needed and gave me knowledge to be successful” Preparing Professionals for the Real World!

  • Hospitality Operations Program

    Evergreen College Hospitality Operations Diploma Program students were asked,

    “ What do you like about your Diploma Program?

    “ All the diplomas are very helpful. Wherever I go, I am sure I can work with those diplomas” – Rhea

    “ Gave me new knowledge about Hospitality Management Operations and would benefit me to open my own business’ – Mochamad Rudi

  • Personal Support Worker Program

    Personal Support Worker Certificate

    “I would suggest my friend to join the Evergreen College because this is a good College and we can learn so good things from here.” Dechen, Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

    “ I found out that the College has offered the best for the students that has done their course/programs here and the instruction and the environment of the College is good.” Ngawang, Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

    “I had nice teacher, who is always open to answer my questions, and ready to help got more knowledge, Thank you,” Dolma, Personal Support Worker Certificate Program