Easy student home décor on a budget
Are you tired of staring at white walls? Just because you’re a college student on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t inject some personality into your living space. With so many students living in temporary accommodations during their studies, it’s easy to dismiss decorating. But there are ways to spruce up your space temporarily, which also won’t break the bank. Check out these three ways students can decorate their homes on a budget

Go wild with washi tape
While washi tape is not a new invention, it’s making waves as a decorative accessory. This Japanese paper is adhesive and comes in a multitude of bright colours and patterns—all for a fairly cheap price. Also, since it’s sold by the roll, you have lots of length to work with for a small investment.

Pick up a roll or two at your local craft store and you will soon be living in a washi wonderland. Use it tape off frames on your wall for photographs and other mementos. You can also tape it along the border of your bookshelves or door frames for a pop of colour.

A quick search of washi tape on Pinterest and Instagram will offer boundless décor ideas. The best part? Washi tape leaves no residue and won’t strip off paint when it’s removed. That’s great news for students living in temporary accommodations.

Set the mood with a simple string of lights
You can create the perfect backdrop in any room with a simple string of lights. For just a few dollars, pick up a string (or two) of white lights from your local home store. It doesn’t have to be holiday time for you to deck the halls.

Next, use some washi tape to temporarily hang your lights around your window frames, doors or above the sofa. Not only will you brighten your study space, but you’ve instantly jazzed up your room and created the perfect twinkly backdrop for all your next selfie session.

Whip up your own whiteboard
School supplies can be expensive. And, as a student, it’s likely that you need a lot of them. One item that doesn’t have to break the bank is a whiteboard. If you’ve shopped around, you know how pricey they can be.

Instead, purchase some picture frames from your local dollar store, or for even cheaper at a garage sale. Pop some white paper behind the glass, and you’ve instantly created your own whiteboard. Make sure you’re using regular whiteboard markers and erasers, and that the frame’s inset is made of glass, not plastic. You can hang several small picture frames to create a crafty whiteboard collage, or pick up a larger picture frame for a more traditional look.

For a small investment, you can let loose and give your temporary student housing a mini makeover. Be sure to take a peek at Pinterest for even more décor ideas that are saving students money. You’d be surprised how much personality you can inject into your space for just a few dollars. And the best part? You won’t have to stare at white walls during your study breaks ever again.