Wardrobe tips for your next job interview
Do you know what to wear to a job interview? As a college student, you may think any job-related decisions are far away. However, you never know when your instructor will be inviting recruiters to campus. It’s important to have wardrobe ideas in mind so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Below are some tips that will help you dress for success.

Do some research on the employer
Well before your interview, it’s important to find out how staff at the company dress. This will likely set the stage for what you wear. Take a look at the company’s website or social media channels for insight. You should be able to find a few photos of employees for ideas.You will find that some companies are strict in their dress codes and require formal business attire.Others might be more casual.

Regardless of what you find, you should dress slightly nicer than the employees. When in doubt, remember that it’s better to be overdressed (more formal) for an interview, than to be dressed inappropriately.

Wardrobe tips for men
For most interviews, males should wear a suit, tie and dress shoes. For a more casual work environment, you can often omit the tie. The suit should be a solid, dark colour, and so should your shoes. Colours of navy, black, dark brown or deep grey work best. Your shirt should be long sleeves. It may be warm, but if you remove your jacket, you don’t want to be wearing short sleeves. You can’t go wrong with a classic white button-down. If you’re wearing a tie, choose another solid, dark colour. Small dots or classic stripes will work, so long as they’re not a bright colour. Black dress socks are the best choice for job interviews; save your fun prints for later.

Before your interview, don’t forget to iron your clothes and polish your shoes. At a time when first impressions are everything, you can’t afford to show up wearing wrinkles.

Wardrobe tips for women
Females have more choices when it comes to professional attire. A suit (whether pants or skirt) with a blouse is the easiest choice. Again, your suit should be a dark, solid neutral colour. Your shirt can be any colour, but should also be muted. Avoid any low-cut blouses. Neutral-coloured heels or flats will complete your outfit, but ensure your heels are no higher than two or three inches.

If choose to wear a skirt, you may wear nude-coloured pantyhose.This will depend on the season, and how conservative the company is. Again, don’t forget to iron your outfit and shine your shoes before your interview.

Grooming tips for men and women
Men should ensure their hair and nails are neat and trimmed. This includes facial hair.
Women should sweep their hair into a tidy bun, or wear it down if it is clean and neatly trimmed.

Avoid wearing fragrances, as many workplaces no have scent-free policies in place.
Women should wear limited makeup. The basics are OK, which include neutral tones of concealer, lip gloss and mascara. Avoid coloured eye makeup and any dramatic looks.

Jewellery for men and women
Women may wear simple jewellery such as a small necklace and stud earrings. Any other items should be left at home. Men should remove jewellery prior to the interview. However, both men and women can wear a modest, classy watch to their interview.

When you are preparing for your interview, remember that first impressions are everything. Inappropriate attire is unprofessional and can distract a recruiter from seeing your professional qualities. Take some time before your interview day to select your outfit and ensure it’s clean. Planning your attire in advance will go a long way in saving you one less thing to think about on the big day.