DIY crafts to organize your workspace
Having an organized workspace is key for productivity. As a busy student, time and budget are always key considerations. So we’re sharing solutions to organize your desk that won’t take a lot of time or money. Now, you can’t afford to not be organized. Check out these DIY organization ideas.

Painted pencil jars
You might have a colour scheme in mind for your workspace, but won’t always be able to find the perfect accessories in that colour. Right? It’s time to make your own. Begin by buying a few small mason jars at the dollar store, along with some paint and a brush. In just a few minutes, you can paint the interior of the glass jars your desired colour(s). Once they’re dry, pop your pens and pencils inside for the perfect, colour-co-ordinated accessories.

Custom cork board
Hanging above most students’ desks is a cork board where you likely pin up photos, notes greeting cards and other mementos. You can jazz up your corkboard with a bit of funky fabric. Check out the sale section at your local fabric store for inspiration and cheap finds. You can also recycle old clothes or blankets for even cheaper. Next, wrap your cork board and staple the fabric to the back. You’ll quickly add a pop of colour to your space for next to no investment.

Decorated desk organizers
If your study space has a lot of small items like paper clips and sticky notes of all sizes, you make want to create a space to keep them tidy. Grab some different sized boxes from your recycling bin that will fit your items. Just be sure they’re clean and dry. Trim down the height of your boxes so that they resemble small trays. Next, use some wrapping paper, washi tape or other decorative paper to wrap them up. Whether you arrange them on your desk or inside drawers, you’ve instantly created a custom organization system

Storage box solutions
Even though we live in a digital world, paper still adds up. Especially as a student, you likely have a lot of college paperwork and assignments lying around. Filing cabinets can cost a pretty penny, but storage boxes are relatively cheap. Visit your dollar store or discount department store to pick up as many as you need. You can decorate them as you wish, with wrapping paper, decorative paper, stickers or even your own doodles. Then, get creative with your storage. Take advantage of wasted space under your desk or tables. You can also stack several boxes and top it off with a lamp for a simple side-table solution.

These tips can help you transform any room into an efficient workspace. Organization doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. Plus, you get the added bonus of custom creations in whatever colour or patterns that you choose.Are you ready to tide up your office in style?