DIY gift ideas for the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. While you may hear sleigh bells jing-a-ling, your student wallet won’t necessarily be ring-ting-ting-a-ling, too. If you’re strapped for funds this season, you may not be able to splurge on gifts for your friends and family. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still spoil them. Check out these easy, DIY holiday gift ideas that are guaranteed to not break the bank.

Share a sweet treat in a mason jar

Mason jars set the stage for a great gift. You can pick one up at your local dollar store and fill it with all kinds of sweet treats. But nothing cooks up better during the holidays than a fresh batch of cookies. Look up your favourite cookie recipe on Pinterest, then head to a bulk food store.

You can buy flour, sugar, spices and other dry ingredients for a lot less in bulk than at a grocery store. When you get home, measure out the goods according to your recipe, and layer them in the mason jar. Attach the baking instructions in a greeting card, and your gift is good to go.

Your recipient will only have to add any wet ingredients before they whip up your wonderful recipe. If you’re looking to add more flair, you can decorate your jar with holiday ribbons or stickers. Your small investment goes a long way, especially because recipients can re-use the jars after baking.

Create cute, custom coasters

Whether you’re sipping on coffee, tea or another delicious beverage during the holidays, coasters are a must in every home. You can create a custom set for your loved one for just a few dollars that they’re guaranteed to love.

Make a stop at a home improvement store and pick up some bulk bathroom tiles. Look for a smaller size that resembles a typical coaster. Next pick up some tacky felt cushions at a dollar store and glue four to the underside of each coaster so they don’t scratch any surfaces. Your coasters are almost ready to go.

Here comes the fun part: it’s time to decorate your coasters for your recipient. You can glue photographs, pictures or stickers to the top. You can also get crafty with paints and permanent markers, if you like. Create a custom look that your recipient will love, then tie up a batch with some festive ribbons.

Give the gift of a good deed

One of the most heartfelt and inexpensive gifts you can give costs nothing at all. Consider creating a simple coupon book of good deeds to share with your loved one. Some coupon ideas you can give include babysitting, a home-cooked meal, pet siting, dog walking and more.

If you’re on a strict budget this season, the holidays don’t have to turn into a scrooge-fest. When it comes to DIY gifts, a little effort and minimal investment can go a long way. Consider the gifts or good deeds that you can give to spread a little holiday cheer.