How to survive your daily commute
Evergreen College is known as a commuter school. Our downtown Toronto location is well connected to several city transit routes, making it easy for students to reach us from across the GTA. But the perils of public transit are real. And, when delays hit, your commute can quickly eat up extra time. Below we’re sharing a few tips to help you survive the trek day in and day out.

Make friends with fellow commuters
This may be hard to do in the first few days of classes, but eventually you’ll start to recognize students sharing your commute. You’ll likely see each other as you exit the station near campus for the short walk to class. Simply put, friends can make your commute more fun. Chat with your classmates about where they commute from. While you may not share the exact same trek, you might be able to meet up at a transfer or connecting route. Having someone to talk to—for even a portion of your commute—can make the route that much more enjoyable.

Carry the right bag
During busy rush hour periods, trains and buses in the city can often be standing room only. With one hand holding on for balance, a side-slung bag can quickly put you off balance. Not only is the imbalance bad for your posture, it can wreak havoc on your muscles too. A backpack with two shoulder straps is still a tried and tested win for the busy commuter. Your back will thank you, and you’ll have your hands free for that all-important morning coffee…and your phone, of course!

Sign up for commuter alerts
Nothing is worse than trying to catch a bus only to find out it’s been delayed or cancelled altogether. Had you known sooner, you would have planned an alternate, commute, right? If you don’t have time to catchthe news before you head out, subscribe for commuter alerts. The city’s transit operators use Twitter to send out quick route reports when there’s been a delay or cancellation. You can then add a push notification to this feature so you receive instant alerts on your phone. Just like that, you’ve become a super savvy commuter.

Make the most of your time
Many of us dread our time taking transit, but it has some great advantages to driving. There are so many ways to get ahead when you’re on the train or bus. Some will use the time to get caught up on rest or reading. We’ve heard feedback from several students who use the time to study. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection on the subway, you can download course materials to your device and review your notes from anywhere. Now, a stalled subway won’t get in the way of your next A+.

You’ve heard it before, but plan ahead
The biggest tip we can share, in addition to those above, is to be prepared. This is especially critical if you’re not a morning person or are running directly from work to class and vice versa. Take a few minutes each day to plan for the next. If the forecast is calling for rain the next day, set out your boots and umbrella in advance so you don’t forget. If you need to dine and dash during your commute, prep some snacks the day before. If you want to start reading that new best-seller on the train, make sure your devices are charged each night.

Commuting on public transit doesn’t have to be the dreaded task that so many of us think it to be. A few minutes of advance planning can quickly make your commute more productive. And, even if you don’t have friends to share it with, these steps will help you to make the most of your journey each day.