How to make the most of your winter break
As the temperature drops, students know that winter is near.At this time of year, both instructors and students are likely counting down to when they can close their books and take a break. If you plan on doing nothing during your time off, you may feel like you’ve wasted your time, come January. Here are some ways you can still focus on fun, but also make the most of your time over the break.

Take time to relax
Before we dive into any tasks, the most important part of your break is just that—a break! More than anything, take this time to rest and recharge. Life as a student is busy; breaks were built in to give you time off. Most important during the winter break is sharing your much-needed time off with family and friends.

Catch up on your reading
This may sound like a dreaded task, but students always have course reading to complete. Reviewing class notes and materials over the break can easily give you a head start into the New Year. You don’t have to read all of your content, but giving yourself a head start can free up your time in January to work on other assignments and projects.

Work a part-time job
It may sound like a short break, but you’d be surprised how many retailers hire for the holiday alone. If you want to make some extra money and supplement your resume, apply for a part-time job. You may need to start your hunt before the holidays to secure a job for your break. Visit the websites of some of your favourite clothing stores, restaurants and other retail locations for their job postings. You may also have luck using the websites of larger shopping malls, where they often post seasonal jobs on behalf of their stores.

Give your resume a makeover
Even if you’re not applying for a job over the break, it’s well worth it to dust off your resume. Before you know it, you’ll be applying for internships and career positions. You’ll need your resume in a hurry, and you’ll have ample time over the holidays to put some thought into it. Add your recent education to your resume and update any technical skills you’ve learned. Then, once you return to class, you can ask your instructors to review it, and ensure you’re ready for your first round of job applications in the spring.

Take a trip
If you don’t have plans to work over the break, that’s O.K! For many students with a busy schedule, it can be difficult to travel during the school year. And, if you have friends or family abroad, the winter break is often the best time for a visit. If you plan to take a trip during the break, ensure you plan ahead. While it may be tempting to wait for last-minute deals, you want to ensure you return with enough time to settle back into your routine. A red-eye flight the night before your first class isn’t the best move. Spend a little extra money and book your travel plans well in advance of your winter break.

A little planning can go a long way in making sure you make the most of your time off. It may be tempting to sloth around during your break, but small steps will help to ensure your time is well spent. Before the break arrives, set aside some time to plan. Whether it means booking flights, planning events or applying for a job, you’ll feel much more prepared once December rolls around.