Legal Assistant

Program Accreditation: Diploma

Program Duration: 880 Total Hrs: Theory 880 Hrs; Internship (Co-op Work Experience) Optional

Program Overview
The Legal Assistant Diploma Program is designed for individuals seeking the knowledge and skills to enter the field of assisting in legal and paralegal organizations. This program offers courses in Legal Assisting consist of theory and practice in specializing in conveyance, litigation, family, estate and corporate practice. Students master the management and operational skills that help Legal Departments thrive.

Admission Requirement
An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent**; or be at least 18 years of age or older and pass an entry test

Career Opportunity
Employment opportunities for Legal Assistants exist in law firms, government offices, real estate and insurance companies, financial institutions, legal departments or corporations.

Course Description

Microsoft Word
In this course students learn to compose and format formal business letters, reports, tables and other business forms. They will enter and edit text in documents and tables, format using tabs and columns, change page layouts, tabs and font styles to produce professional looking documents. Discover how to save and retrieve documents, activate spell-checking tools, use the mouse to activate the button bar symbols and create graphics and fonts to liven up documents. At the expert level, you will learn to customize word, work with multiple documents, create forms and databases and to use advanced formatting techniques.

Microsoft Excel
The course focuses on how to input and organize data; format and print worksheets and charts; as well as how to edit, move and copy text, formulas and files. In addition to creating formulas, graphs and pie charts, work with multiple worksheets, use advanced formatting techniques to track and analyze business operations and produce presentations and financial reports.

Microsoft Powerpoint
This course focuses on teaching students how to create dynamic business presentations and slideshows. Students are taught how to create and modify documents using edit text, add colour, change fonts, layouts and background styles. Further, students will be able to use PowerPoint templates, tools and formatting techniques to import and incorporate ClipArt, and charts from other programs.

Microsoft Access
This program of the Microsoft Office suite, will teach students how to use MS Access to manage business data. Students will learn how enter and edit data using tables and forms that they have created, how to query, sort and create reports using Wizards and Cue Cards

Outlook and Email
Students can expect to cover such information as email composing, formatting as well as inserting attachments. As well, more advanced email manipulation topics and customizations are addressed, such as filtering mail, creating folders, templates and rule wizard applications. In addition to email components, Outlook’s Calendar and Tasks features can be integrated for sharing of information between users.

Communications Essentials
Upon completion of this course, students will understand the major concepts from communication theory, be able to recognize these concepts in their own experience and be able to build on their own personal communication styles.

Business Communications
This course will help the student develop the skills necessary to function in writing and communication in the modern business setting.

Office Procedures
Acquire administrative skills and procedures needed for competency in an office setting, including reception and scheduling. Develop professionalism, interpersonal communication, flexibility, responsibility, and skills in customer relations and team building.

Accounting Essentials
This course introduces the students to the basics of bookkeeping and the fundamentals of accounting. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to understand the usefulness and importance of accounting procedures as office-workers.

Employment Achievement Strategies
This course focuses on providing students with effective job search strategies, cover letter and strategic resume writing, effective interviewing skills and interview preparation to ensure their success in the career search process.

Legal Terminology
This course is designed to teach the student definitions, spelling, pronunciation, and proper usage of words and terms associated with the legal field.

Legal Transcription
This subject is designed to give the student a firm foundation in legal transcribing through the use of a variety of legal documents commonly encountered in a legal setting. The course will assist the student in developing necessary skills to transcribe legal dictation with speed and accuracy. It will also enhance the learners knowledge of legal terminology and their use of English language skills and proofreading skills.

Wills & Estates
The subject focuses on the function and knowledge of drafting of Wills and Powers of Attorney, and the laws and procedures relating to the administration of estates in Ontario.

Essential Skills
In this course, the students will explore the Essential Skills that people require for work, learning and life, which provide the foundation for learning various other skills.

Microsoft Windows
In this course, the students will explore the basic system operating functions of Microsoft Windows, which include managing the desktop, files and folders, running applications, system settings and tools

Corporate and Business Law
Corporate Law focuses on the preparation and filing of articles of incorporation, the organization of Ontario and Federal corporations, corporate changes, steps involved in annual filings and updates as well as registering other forms of business organization.

Real Estate Law
Students will be introduced to the wide range of duties and responsibilities of a Law Office Assistant in the area of Real Estate: from file opening, reading & preparing agreements, document preparation, through to closing and reporting the transaction to the client.

Family Law
Domestic contracts, divorce procedure, and family litigation are studied. Student will be taught to assist in the preparation of documentation for separation, divorce, custody and support actions, and legal provisions for children in need of protection.

Civil Litigation & Debt Collection
Students will become familiar with a wide range of activities, responsibilities and document preparation in the complex area of civil litigation process including Small Claims Court, Superior Court, Family Law, Collections and Enforcement proceedings.

Legal Software
This subject is designed to provide students with solid applicable skills in using the latest legal based office software.

Career Services plays a major role in shaping the learning experience. From the first day, to well after graduation, Career Services is constantly working to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, and assistance. As a school with a diverse student body, our goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the employment world, while understanding Canadian workplace cultures and professional behaviors.

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