Applied Environmental Technology

Program Accreditation: Diploma
Program Duration: 1300 Total Hrs.: Theory 1100 Hrs; Internship (Co-op Work Experience) 200 Hrs.

Program Overview
EVERGREEN’S Applied Environmental Technology course provides training on applied techniques to assess contamination in different media such as soil, groundwater and air and to remediate and mitigate the contamination issues. The course offers an overview of air and noise pollution, water and waste water treatment, solid waste management and provides in depth techniques on environmental site characterization, soil and groundwater contamination assessment, risk assessment/management and remediation of soil and groundwater. The course also details the field investigation methods for site characterization, and offers field modules to observe different drilling and sampling techniques in field. Regulatory framework and environmental management aspects are also covered in this two year degree program to provide students insight on regulatory frameworks in Alberta, Canada and United States of America. The course provides learning on applied computer techniques and software related to environment such as GIS and remote sensing. These tools in relation to geophysical techniques and geological mapping are essential parts of site characterization and diagnosing environmental issues. Co-requisite to these modules including applied chemical process in environment, applied mathematics and computer techniques are covered at the start of the course to provide strong foundation to the learn the advanced technical modules.

Admission Requirement

Standard Admission:
1. Minimum age requirement of 18 years or older.
2. High School Diploma or equivalent, or
3. High School Diploma equivalent will be from other provinces in Canada, or
4. Successful completion of the Evergreen College Admission Test (Wonderlic Test) minimum score required (310) on verbal skills exam, or
5. A Canadian Language Bench mark 5 or equivalent (TOFEL, IELTS)
6. Successful entrance interview with Evergreen College Administration
7. High school diploma will be verified by diploma and/or transcripts.

Mature Admission:
1. Minimum age requirement of 18 years or older.
2. Have been out of school for two years.
3. High School Diploma or equivalent, or
4. High School Diploma equivalent will be from other provinces in Canada, or
5. Successful completion of the Evergreen College Admission Test (Wonderlic Test), or
6. A Canadian Language Bench mark 5 or equivalent (TOFEL, IELTS)
7. Successful entrance interview with Evergreen College Administration
8. High school diploma will be verified by diploma and/or transcripts.
Students applying in this program requires to have previous knowledge on mathematics and chemistry.

Career Opportunity
Successful graduates of the Applied Environmental Technology Diploma Program draw on broad scientific knowledge and technical skills to work on projects that assess, remediationand mitigation of environmental contaminates. You may be involved in field inspections and investigations of contamination, monitoring compliance with government environmental regulations, and operating pollution control or treatment equipment. Graduates are often employed by environmental and engineering firms, government departments, Post-secondary or research institutions, municipal and industrial treatment facilities, or not-for-profit/non-governmental agencies.

Course Description
EVG -001 Introduction to Environment, Ecosystem and Contaminants
EVG-002 to EVG-005 and EVG-008: Introductory Modules: Applied Environmental Chemistry I and II, Mathematics, Computer Techniques and Geology and Earth processes.
EVG-006 Climatology
EVG-007 Air and Noise Pollution
EVG-009 GIS and Remote Sensing
EVG-010 Geophysical Techniques
EVG-011 and EVG-012 Environmental Impact Assessments (Biophysical, Phase I and Phase II) and Field Techniques I
EVG-013 Field Techniques I – Monitoring Well Drilling, Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling Techniques.
EVG-014 Hydrology and Hydrogeology
EVG-015 Field Techniques II – Water Well Drilling, Installation, Testing and Analysis Techniques.
EVG-016 Water/Waste Water Treatment
EVG-017 SolidWasteManagement
EVG-018 Environmental Laws, Regulations, and Audits
EVG-019 Contaminant Hydrogeology
EVG-020 Environmental Risk Assessment and Risk Management Techniques

Employment and Customer Service
Students will work to develop their keyboarding and resume building skills, Interview facing skills and will also be introduced to in-office and client communication skills, preparing students to be successful in their next chosen path.

Job Search Skills
Students will have the use of our Job Search lab which has unlimited Internet access, a job search resource library and a fax machine and phone for contacting prospective employers with your resume. Facilitators will also be made available to advise on job finding resources, interview skills and techniques and to carry out mock interviews. Students review core program concepts and learning in order to market their skills effectively.

This Course will provide the students 200 hours’ practical experience in the real-world business. This course has 3 objectives: 1) Demonstration of student’s professionalism reflected by attendance, reliability, self-awareness, respect, and commitment to client centered service. 2) Opportunity for student to use their new technical skills; observe and integrate into Environmental industry; work on soft skills/communication skills; network with industry colleagues; gain reference(s); add experience to their resume; possibly gain extended employment or referral; and receive evaluation from Employer. Open communication is maintained throughout the work term between Learners, Hosts and Student. 3) Understanding the importance of proper documentation of professional work.

Career Services plays a major role in shaping the learning experience. From the first day, to well after graduation, Career Services is constantly working to provide guidance, resources, opportunities, and assistance. As a school with a diverse student body, our goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the employment world, while understanding Canadian workplace cultures and professional behaviours.

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  • Alyssa, Developmental Service Worker

    Alyssa, Evergreen College Graduate from the Developmental Service Diploma Program visited the campus to connect with the class and share her experience in correlation of the class room skills transferring to the work place. She is currently working part time in the field within a daycare setting for the public school board and it resulted from some of the tips taught in class ie, search for your own placement based on your passion, techniques of handling various clientele etc What is your favorite aspect about studying at Evergreen College?
    “My favorite aspect is how the teacher helps me with anything I needed and gave me knowledge to be successful” Preparing Professionals for the Real World!

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    “ All the diplomas are very helpful. Wherever I go, I am sure I can work with those diplomas” – Rhea

    “ Gave me new knowledge about Hospitality Management Operations and would benefit me to open my own business’ – Mochamad Rudi

  • Personal Support Worker Program

    Personal Support Worker Certificate

    “I would suggest my friend to join the Evergreen College because this is a good College and we can learn so good things from here.” Dechen, Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

    “ I found out that the College has offered the best for the students that has done their course/programs here and the instruction and the environment of the College is good.” Ngawang, Personal Support Worker Certificate Program

    “I had nice teacher, who is always open to answer my questions, and ready to help got more knowledge, Thank you,” Dolma, Personal Support Worker Certificate Program